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Become a Commercial property owner with a minimum of investment capital and benefit from monthly income and potential Capital growth.

The Australian Securities Property Fund (ASPF) is a unique unlisted property fund, where investors have an opportunity to invest directly in Australian real estate, covering commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties with a minimum $100,000 commitment. Investing in the Australian Securities Property Fund does not mean you invest in a unit trust (a pooled fund). You invest in one property with a controlling proprietary over the property. Therefore all investment properties operate independently of one another, as sub-schemes of the Fund, providing investors greater transparency and security of investment, unlike a pooled fund where poor performing investments can impact other investors contributions. The fund provides investors regular monthly returns in the form of leasing income based on the amount of their investment and further potential for capital growth at the end of the investment period when the property is sold. For more details on Property Fund performance visit the Fund Performance section below.

Features and Benefits.

Income and Capital Growth
Income and Capital Growth

Net rental distributions are paid monthly in arrears. Investors also benefit from potential capital growth at the end of the investment period. For information on Income and Capital growth visit the Performance section below.

Hold time, to achieve best possible outcome.

Properties are held for the medium to long term (five to seven year period) before selling to realise maximum capital growth. Australian Securities manage the Funds assets throughout the investment term.

Non-pooled investments.

Funds are allocated specifically to an individual. All Properties within the fund operate independently of each other, ensuring investors greater transparency and security of investment.

95 years of Asset Expertise

After 95 years in property securities, Australian Securities is proficient in the sourcing, evaluation and acquisition of quality properties for investment. Property locations are predominantly within a 50km radius of Melbourne CBD

Security & risk management

In March 2012 ASIC (Regulatory Guide RG46) issued 6 benchmarks for unlisted property schemes for retail investors to better understand and assess the risks, rewards and suitability of this form of investment. Property investment benchmarks are available here and should be read in conjunction with the Product Disclosure Statement. Australian Securities Limited provide detailed information on available properties before investment. Detailed benchmark comparisons are provided for investors, in the form of a Property Description Certificate (PDC) allowing investors to make an informed choice.
Target Market Determination (TMD) document is required under section  994B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (the Act).  It sets out the class of consumers for whom the product, including its key attributes, would likely be consistent with their likely objectives, financial situation and needs.  The TMD should be read in conjunction with the Product Disclosure statement.

Fund Contribution and Management Fees

Investment minimum is $100,000. Investors are not charged establishment fees to join the fund or a termination fee to close their account. Investors are charged 2.5% of their contribution on investing in a specific sub-scheme with the Fund. No Funds are required in their account until they have agreed to invest. No withdrawals or redemptions are allowed during the investment term. Ongoing management fees starting from 0.95% are chargeable for ongoing management of your asset. No performance fees are applied at the end of the investment term. For further details on Australian securities management fee structure please read the Australian Securities Property Fund, Product Disclosure Statement.


ASL does not pay commissions. Investors can elect to pay their Adviser’s fees periodically using our Financial Adviser facility. Finance clients can elect to pay their Introducer’s fees periodically using our Finance Fee Facility. There is no charge by ASL for this service.

Capital growth since inception

Illustrated below, capitalised appreciation of each investment property since purchase. Growth advice is provided by independant valuation from an accredited property valuer.

Annual Capital Appreciation

Illustrated below Annual Capital Growth for all properties in the Fund. Growth advice is provided by independant valuation on a yearly basis from an accredited property valuer

*Bentleigh property was sold in March 2019.

Annual Income

Illustrated below are net annual returns in the form of monthly leasing payments on each property in Australian Securities Property Fund.

*No rental income – Land only. Footscray property is a land bank capital investment held for development resale purposes.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The advertised Net annual average return for the Property Fund, does not include Capital Growth. It is indicative of all leasing income, Net of management fees, expenses and tax. Capital growth is determined yearly by independent registered property valuers. Minimum investment amounts, Terms and Conditions apply when investing in an Australian Securities Fund. Refer to the PDS or contact the Fund Investment Manager for further information.
Australian Securities recommend prospective investors read both the Target Market Determination (TMD) and the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provided by the Fund which provides detailed information on features, benefits, management fees and associated risks before making an informed decision. ASL does not provide financial or investment advice to its members or the general public. We do not know the financial position or needs of the reader. Investment decisions you make should be taken after giving careful consideration to your personal needs and any risks that may be associated with an investment. The information included on this page is not a recommendation or substitute for professional investment advice. Past Performance for Australian Securities Funds is no guarantee of future performance.

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